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Clean sounds and Short TTS

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This is probably the most useful TeamSpeak voice pack I've come across - it is TTS so it tells you who joins, leaves,connects, disconnects, etc. without having to look at the TS window or an overlay. TeamSpeak has a default Text to Speech sound pack but it is obnoxiously long at readying things out. For example it will say:

${clientname} joined your channel ${channelname} on ${servername}


As you can imagine, that can get really annoying with really long channel and server names along with people frequently leaving and joining. The clean sounds and Short TTS voice pack simply says:

${clientname} joined your channel



  1. Go to http://addons.teamspeak.com/directory/skins/sound-packs/Clean-sound-pack-Short-TTS.html and download the pack
  2. Double-click and install the sound pack

  3. Restart TeamSpeak

  4. In TeamSpeak go to Settings --> Notifications tab and change Sound Pack to Clean sounds & Short TTS

  5. Click Apply and OK

  6. Restart TeamSpeak

  7. Enjoy!

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