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TimetoKill.net - 2v2 CS:GO Tournament #7


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What is this tournament and who is eligible?

  • This is a standard single elimination 2v2 CS:GO Tournament.
  • Anybody registered to these forums is eligible to sign up! Max 16 teams. Find a partner and sign up on this thread. Please read all of the rules to understand how to signup and how the tournament is ran.
  • If you want to sign up but don't have a partner, sign up like everybody else and also reply with "Looking for partner". We will pair you up and contact you to confirm. You need a partner to be a reserve. 

When and where?

  • Sunday, September 28th @ 1pm PST, 2pm MST, 3pm CST, 4pm EST on private servers hosted by TimetoKill.net.
  • Join our TeamSpeak for the tournament @ voice.timetokill.net; password nomnomnom - We use TeamSpeak to keep tabs on participants and pass along information.

Why should I participate? 

1st place winners will have their choice of one item from the following list, with the top player of the winning team choosing first

2nd place winners will have their choice of one item from the following list, with the top player of the team choosing first

Pre-Match Rules

  • Reply to this topic with you and your partner's name and Steam profiles as well as your chosen team name, unless you are looking for a partner in which reply with "Looking for partner" along with your Steam profile, and we will pair you up with the next available player.
  • If you do not choose a team name, kuj0 will choose one for you. 
  • You and your partner both need to be registered on these forums.
  • You must show up by the time provided above or you will be disqualified at the start of the tournament. If your teammate does not show up but you do, you are also disqualified but you will still be eligable sign up for the next related TimetoKill.net tournament; your partner will not. 
  • You must be connected to the TimetoKill.net TeamSpeak Server to compete in the tournament. You do not need a mic, but I'm sure your teammate would like you more if you did. This is simply to keep tabs on who is online and pass along necessary information to teams.
  • All matches must be played on TimetoKill.net private servers.
  • Brackets and seeds will be randomly generated.
  • You may only sign-up for one team. 
  • If the tournament is full, sign up to be a reserve along with a teammate. There will not be single player reserves. 

Match Rules 

  • A knife round will decide who chooses their first side.
  • 15 rounds on each side, first team to 16 wins the match and the elimination round. The losing team is eliminated from the tournament.
  • If both opponents agree on a short break, the break should last no longer than 10 minutes. This is to keep the tournament rollin'. 
  • Each round will have a 2:30 time limit. 
  • Put enough time aside to finish the tournament. If you leave early you will be disqualified. 
  • If you or your teammate leave without any notice to any TimetoKill.net staff and do not come back within 10 minutes, you will be disqualified. We will not allow a 2v1 match at any time. 
  • Matches will be recorded and/or spec'd, but you should take a screenshot of every final scoreboard for every match for proof if necessary. 
  • The obvious; no glitching or hacking. Either will result in immediate disqualification and permaban from all TimetoKill.net events, servers, and affiliates.
  • In case of a tie, a full rematch must take place on the same map. Teams must start on opposite sides they originally started with for the match.


Official Tournament Maps 



Players ineligible for this tournament

  1. Digital Terrorist - Did not attend
  2. starwarsco- Did not attend
  3. Sarin- Did not attend
  4. Xtinct- Did not attend
  5. eMzg- Did not attend


Tournament Signup Deadline: TBA
Please do not hesitate to message me or reply to this thread with any questions. GL HF MAKE BABIES!
*If tournament is full, please sign up so you're placed in the queue in case somebody doesn't show up! There will be a designated backup TeamSpeak channel on the day of the tournament, and I will contact you ASAP if there is an open spot at any time. No-shows happen every tournament!

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PLEASE remember to link you and your partner's Steam profile and team name to sign up.


We will be messaging each of you on Steam & TimetoKill.net forums to remind you 1-7 days prior to the event.


If you're not here for the correct time, you will be replaced immediately. 


*there will be anti-cheat running on the server, admins spectating as well as GOTV for semi-finals and finals. If you cheat, you will be permabanned from all TimetoKill.net servers as well as from any other affiliates

Participant List + Team Name (View Brackets HERE. Due to change once tournament begins)


  1. Richter & Captain Mullet (Fairy Godmothers)
  2. Gumball & Batman (ShroomDragons)
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cn u make the date closer, like august 28 or something?

No. Hosting mini tournaments on short notice is a good idea though. Will contemplate this for the future.


ok just im very excited and dont want to wait, i know 4 other players in this tourney and they feel this wya. thx fo considering and respoding :D

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