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TimetoKill.net - 2v2 CS:GO Tournament #3


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Richter noticed that one of the people who signed up doesn't even have CS:GO. Kalr from the team "2guy1win" doesn't have the game on his steam games list. Someone needs to figure this out and remove the team from the list.


This was actually pointed out by RaiN before this post. What's with these young kids creepin' on the competition? Hahaha. I'm friends with Kalr on his other account and can confirm that he does indeed have CS:GO. No worries kiddies.


Ah, my bad. I should have read through a bit more.


If any help is needed during the tournament tomorrow, I'll be around to watch the games and do anything needed.

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I forgot one:


9. Dress for success. If you're dressed like a boss you'll impress. I for one will be flyer that Barney Stinson during these fine hours. Bring out that Gucci, that Louis, that Vercase, that Prada, that Joe Boxer...

Fuckin A

that's all I gotta say

you're kinda gay

but that's OK!


I know I was originally signed up with optics before he dropped, and that it's past the deadline, but I'm still up for playing if I can, that is if there was someone still looking for a partner.

I'll ask around. I'm sure we can find somebody.

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All matches will be spectatable on GO:TV and all matches will automatically be recorded


Server #1 -
Server #2 -
Server #3 -
Server #4 -


GO:TV #1 -
GO:TV #2 -
GO:TV #3 -
GO:TV #4 -

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Congratulations to the winners. We will message 1st and 2nd place for prizes.


Everyone else, thank you for participating and we will see you in the next tournament ;)


First Place

  • Rumple Foreskin(1) & res0urce(2) (You Got 2 Dads)

Second Place

  • OJ da Juiceman & Waka Flocka FLAME(1017 Bricksquad)

Third Place

  • kuj0 & RaiN (Rape)
  • Lsx & Tobin (chaos.nc)
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