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TimetoKill.net - 2v2 CS:GO Tournament #3


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Match Rule #9 has been added for a tie;

  • In case of a tie, a full rematch must take place on the same map. Teams must start on opposite sides they originally started with for the match.

Took up your idea for a knife round in the beginning. Match Rule #1;

  • A knife round will decide who chooses their first side.
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Official prizes;


2nd place team will receive $20 giftcards to their pizza place of choice via e-mail(RAoP) - if you do not live in the US we will figure something out.

1st place team gets their choice of one item each below. Top player on the winning team chooses first, second in team chooses after.


Good luck ;)

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Optics & Avenger (Scared Hitless)

Are you saying you're going hitless in this tournament? I don't think that's good ;)


Spike247 (Steam: Spike)


ThomastheTank13 (Steam: ManU)

Please make sure ThomastheTank signs up on the forums.


Good luck ya'll, one more spot left.


When the tournament fills up and teams still want to enter, they will be placed in queue in case anybody doesn't show up or quits before the deadline.

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