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TimetoKill.net - 2v2 CS:GO Tournament #3


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You and a partner. This tournament is open to all players registered on these forums. Max 16 teams.

If you need a partner, post in this thread "looking for partner" and I'll pair you up with someone else also looking.

When the tournament fills up and you still want to sign up, do it! You will be put in the tournament queue as a team or player. If a team or player does not show up for the first round, you will be a sub. (See Match Rules #5 & #6).



2v2 Single Elimination CS:GO Tournament. Official maps are below, and will change every round.


Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 @ 1pmPST, 2pmMST, 3pmCST, 4pmEST

Tournament Signup Deadline: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2013


TimetoKill.net TeamSpeak( password: nomnomnom) & private servers provided by TimetoKill.net


2nd place team will receive $20 giftcards to their pizza place of choice via e-mail(Steve 0x1A4

  • DigitalTerrorist & Jesus
  • -RanD0 & -Zittow (#YOLO)
  • toOt xX & FMPONE
  • Kalr & axo (2guys1win)
  • Waka Flaka Flame & OJ Da Juiceman (1017 Bricksquad)

  • Spike247 & ThomastheTank13
  • Nacho Libre & Blackrain
  • by kuj0


    Congratulations to the winners. We will message 1st and 2nd place for prizes.


    Everyone else, thank you for participating and we will see you in the next tournament ;)


    First Place

    • Rumple Foreskin(1) & res0urce(2) (You Got 2 Dads)

    Second Place

    • OJ da Juiceman & Waka Flocka FLAME(1017 Bricksquad)

    Third Place

    • kuj0 & RaiN (Rape)
    • Lsx & Tobin (chaos.nc)

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    I'll join in, will be team of "LSx and Nope", will get him to register on here soon

    Added. Make sure he registers and if you could post both of your steam profiles here it would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks ^_^




    Husband & Wife reporting for duty(lolduty).


    Laters, baby.



    Dammit Ryan. You should have asked first. This might have been a hard limit.



    Dammit Ryan. You should have asked first. This might have been a hard limit.

    We aim to please, Ariel.


    Does this mean Jorf + Poison?

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    Does this mean Jorf + Poison?

    Of course they're together, they're married! Errr divorced. Wait, remarried.....wait no, uhhhhhhh what's the status now?


    Looking for new ventures but still interested?...

    She hasn't signed the NDA yet.

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    I want to participate! Dont know yet if i have a buddy! Can you match me later if there is something?



    Looking for a partner :) though I KNOW I will lose because of the super pros up there.


    Done. You two are paired up. Found your steam profiles and added them up.

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