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I would like to join TimeToKill

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Could someone please tell me how I could go about joining the Timetokill community. I have been playing in the gungame server for months and months and since its the only server I play at all I figured I would join the group. 


I also noticed there are almost NEVER any admins in this server to be able to perform some things like change broken maps and kick spammers ect. I would be more than happy to make donations towards the server or do whatever you guys would like to get some of these basic admin rights since I play in the server so often.

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Yoooo whisper. Glad you're interested. GL in the tournament :)


I would suggest you make a post in the Introductions forums, and hop in TeamSpeak to hang out with us. Those are good first steps... but definitely hit that link that winnie posted and check out the top section to understand what we are looking for.


Also /calladmin is definitely a function that we've been working on being more proactive with. It's hard to have 24/7 admin support, but during peak times we're reliable with that function. 

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