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TimetoKill.net - CS:GO GunGame Tournament #5


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Just to clarify, it says the bottom 2 players will be eliminated. Does this mean that one person from each team gets eliminated every round? Or is it just based on the raw number for your score, so 2 terrorists or 2 CTs could be eliminated if they both have the bottom score?

The bottom player on each team will be eliminated, so there should be 15 rounds since there will be 15 players per team.

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Berserk messaged me this morning to inform me he might not be able to make it, and to allow The Russianeer his spot. Here is a screencap of the chat log.



Sounds good. Unfortunately that's not how the tournament works. Tell Russianeer he can come to this thread and sign up correctly to be a back up. For now the next person in line will be taking his spot which is CrazyLeo.

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Pipe Down                              7th Round

Gaara of the Desert                  Didn't Show Up

Outlaw                                   Randomly Left?

toOt                                      1st Round

Ratinho                                  3rd Round

Vycor                                     2nd Round

Toaby                                    3rd Round

Azert1a                                  Didn't Show Up

digitz                                      2nd Round

Richter                                 8th Round (LOL)

wutson                                  Didn't Show Up

JukKiN                                   9th Round

CrazyLeo                                4th Round

xenomorph                            8th Round

Dat A$$                                 Didn't Show Up

St1g                WINNER 12th Round! (1st Place)

Caboose                  12th Round (2nd Place)

Aoki                                       5th Round

Sarin                                      6th Round

Roffogoble                              1st Round

THE CHAMP                          11th Round

Destromachine                         1st Round

Saul Goodman                         Didn't Show up

Guy LeDouche                         11th Round

Hickelpickle                              10th Round

-Hawk                                     6th Round

Skogsmulle                              4th Round

Rand0                                    7th Round

remy                                     10th Round

karlpullen                                5th Round

White_rabbit                           9th Round

Eliminator Jr.                           Timed out

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