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Steam Client Update Released


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A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Replaced launch option dialog with new UI that includes a checkbox to remember the user's selection - this selection can be changed in game properties
  • Changing download regions no longer requires restarting the Steam client
  • Further optimizations to load times for users with large game libraries
  • Fixed intermittent browser crash when closing Update news dialog
  • Fixed the controller settings tab not showing up in the game properties menu
  • Fixed DLC hover on game details page being cropped
  • Fixed several issues related to popup dialogs being sized incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with duplicate streaming dialogs appearing on Mac & Linux
  • Fixed background images on a collection on the app details page not being clipped correctly

Big Picture Mode
  • New Big Picture Mode has been made the default experience. For compatibility purposes, old Big Picture can be accessed by using the command-line option "-oldbigpicture". Note that this functionality will be removed in a future update.
  • Added support for switching the primary monitor on Windows in Settings -> Display -> Preferred Display
  • Added an option to start in windowed mode under Settings => Display => Big Picture Mode => Windowed
  • Added pinned notifications for new inventory items, trade offers, async game turns, moderator messages, offline chat messages, and help request replies in Quick Access > Notifications
  • Added up/down cursor keys to onscreen keyboard, press shift then left/right cursor to use
  • Added ability to move the standalone & overlay keyboard
  • Added option to turn off controllers when exiting BPM
  • Added setting for controller idle > turn off timeout
  • Added a quick guided tour for new Big Picture
  • Added notification when a Xbox controller is plugged in, but the Guide button is disabled (which prevents bringing up the Steam main menu and other functionality like chords)
  • Allow onscreen keyboard to be activated while in New Big Picture Mode and Steam window is not focused
  • Implemented Steam Controller dongle pairing
  • UI Digital Navigation Key Repeats are faster
  • Show icons for partial/full controller support, VR Support, or Mouse & KB only support in Library when a game portrait is focused or hovered
  • Center the navigation column in the Overlay vertically to match the rest of the main menu
  • Detect focus shifting away from the BPM window faster and reduce instances of navigation going to BPM after starting a game
  • Cursor is now hidden when in gamepad-navigation mode in Big Picture
  • Various fixes to make the UI scale better in higher resolutions
  • Fixed some issues completing purchases through some payment providers
  • Fixed a rare crash exiting BPM
  • Fixed a case where disconnecting a controller while navigating would not cancel repeating movements
  • Fixed the new Big Picture Mode overlay being incorrectly sized when the monitor is set to display scaling other than 100%
  • Fixed overlay scaling when resizing game window
  • Fixed issue where a browser opened by a game was sticking around after closing the overlay
  • Fixed launch options dialog not closing when cancelling game launch
  • Fixed issues w/ digital navigation getting stuck on text boxes when using a physical keyboard
  • Fixed some issues using the virtual keyboard Paste button outside of a web context
  • Fixed issue where the virtual keyboard would continuously be made visible after exiting a game
  • Fixed issue viewing the hardware survey web page after submitting results
  • Fixed the "Start in Big Picture Mode" setting not updating
  • Fixed issue opting in to some game beta branches
  • Fixed Big Picture window being incorrect size when moving it to a different display with win+shift+arrow key
  • Fixed problem where setting certain library filters in Big Picture Mode could cause those games to become hidden when switching back to desktop
  • Fixed an issue with detecting game windows on Linux
  • Fixed "a" and "c" keystrokes on the app details page triggering an animation

Steam Input
  • Controller configuration browsing screen can now preview configurations and the selection processes now previews then applies instead of directly selecting the configuration
  • Added a search tab to the controller layout browser screen
  • Added direct navigation to controller inputs and modes from the preview screen
  • Added upper grips as an option for mode shifts
  • Added support for the Armor-X Pro gamepad in PS4 mode
  • Added a specific XBox Elite layout preview page
  • Added a specific Switch Pro layout preview page
  • Added support for the ThrustMaster eSwap PRO Controller Xbox
  • Show controller settings in app properties game for non-Steam games
  • Gyro Calibration Rework: Calibration Calculates an anti-drift value as normal, but also records Gyro and Accelerometer noise while stationary, so that Always-On Auto Calibration (toggle to enable) is more discerning, and should only recalculate anti-drift when on a stable surface
  • Controller configurator now groups commands if they are attached to the same input
  • Changed controller mode sliders to default to larger step sizes that match the old BPM interface and added footer button to switch to "fine adjustment" mode with smaller step sizes
  • Reworked the layout of the mode settings page to show more content
  • Generate Steam Input API origins for some virtual menu modes that were missing them
  • Handle errors better and fix some cases where configs would no longer load
  • On larger screens combine the keyboard and numpad tabs of the choose binding screen
  • Remember the last active tab in the choose binding screen and open to that instead always using the tab w/ the current binding value
  • Improved Layout Preview for Nintendo Switch Joycon Left/Right/Pair
  • Filtered Mode Shift button options to only show available buttons based on the controller type
  • Nintendo Switch SL/SR buttons now show up as Bumpers for single Joycons or Grip buttons for a JoyCon Pair
  • Joycon individual/pair Gyro now displays and functions properly
  • Fixed an issue with the Joystick Deadzone sliders having delayed input
  • Fixed an issue w/ enabling Gyro for Switch controllers
  • Fixed long delay at startup when the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard is plugged in
  • Fixed the Logitech G29 controller showing up as a gamepad instead of a wheel
  • Fixed the XBox layout preview page layout having some incorrect items and missing others
  • Fixed issue where Steam Controller joysticks would have unintended input during Steam Button chords
  • Fixed long delay at startup when Razer keyboards are connected
  • Fixed crash with games that use "Windows Gaming Input"
  • Fixed issue w/ Joystick Deadzone visualization not updating
  • Fixed some cases where some languages could have text overflow in choose binding screen
  • Fixed chord activator options for XBox and XBox Elite controller types
  • Fixed Capture button icon not being displayed for Joycon Pair
  • Fixed the Switch Pro Layout Preview not showing the gyro

Remote Play
  • Fixed audio crackling and loss when streaming from Linux

  • Fixed a crash on Linux in libaudio
  • Fixed crash when taking screenshots through the overlay
  • Fixed closing non-Steam shortcuts via the overlay when two or more are running
  • Fixed some errors causing the Library not to render properly

  • Fixed close button on macOS Steam login window

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