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TtK is a community driven group of gamers and servers. We are not a clan; just gamers looking to have fun and bring others together.

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TimetoKill.net 2v2 CS:GO Prize Tournament #1


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Nope... just make sure you understand the rules.

Specifically these:

3. You must show up by the time provided above or you will be disqualified.

4. You must be connected to the TimetoKill.net TeamSpeak server to compete in the tournament. You do not need a mic.

5. Put enough time aside to finish the tournament. If you leave early you will be disqualified.

6. All matches must be played on TimetoKill.net private servers.

7. If both opponents agree on a short break, the break should last no longer than 30 minutes. Keep the tournament rollin!

8. If you or your teammate leave without any notice to any TimetoKill.net staff and do not come back within 20 minutes, you will be disqualified.

Match Rules

1. 15 rounds on each side, first team to 16 wins the match.

2. First team to win 2 matches on the given map wins the tournament round.

3. Each round will have a 2:30 time limit.

4. Take a screenshot of the winning screen for any given match. This will be for proof just in case it's needed. If proof is necessary and you do not have a screenshot, the match will be either void or replayed, depending on the situation.

5. The obvious. No glitching or hacking. Either will result in immediate disqualification and permaban from all TimetoKill.net events & servers.

The only rule that MAY change, is the double elmination. This might end up being SINGLE elimination to make things quicker.

Also, any given match has the chance of being spectated by any TtK Community Member.

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Me and Ernie are withdrawing. Thanks anyway roastduck i appreciate the thought. oh and Kujo, you're not the only one that wants that dislike button. There's millions of ex-boyfriends out there e-stalking their ex's reading their status updates about how their new boyfriend performs in bed so much better than her last, and how he's twice the size in the pants. I wish i could say i knew how you feel but there definately is others that want that dislike button as well. You should start a petition.

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For the people(hopefully most or all) who come at 3pm, who would actually be willing to wait 6.5+ hours to play them, ya know? Just doesn't make much sense.

Maybe in the future we can run an extended tournament of some sort. One round per week and the teams will choose their own time & day.

... but for this one, if you can't be there, then don't sign up.

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