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Found 4 results

  1. This is something I've been doing for years where I add servers into GameMenu.res to make connecting to and switching between servers super easy. To get the TimetoKill link's setup like above: Download this VPK and place it at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\custom Restart CS:S If you want to customize the menu with additional links :
  2. Go to your developer console by pushing ~ on your keyboard. (You may need to enable developer console)Copy and paste the line below for your appropriate game and hit ENTER:Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - For optimal game play, you should at least be getting 128 FPS rate 128000;cl_cmdrate 128;cl_updaterate 128 Counter-Strike: Source - For optimal game play, you should at least be getting 100 FPS rate 100000;cl_cmdrate 100;cl_updaterate 100 To read more on how Source Multiplayer Networking works, see: https://developer.va...ayer_Networking (keep in mind this is written for Source 2009 games and values for CS:GO are different)
  3. While in CS:GO Click HELP & OPTIONSClick GAME SETTINGSFind Enable Developer Console (~)Use the right and left arrows to select YesWhile in CS:S Click OPTIONSGo to the Keyboard tabClick the Advanced... buttonCheck the box for Enable Developer Console (~)Click OK You can now use the ~ key on your keyboard to open the developer console to type commands. You can enter multiple commands in one line by separating commands with a semicolon ;
  4. Anyone can add the TimetoKill.net tag to their name in-game. Prerequisite: You must be a part of the TimetoKill.net steam group. This group is a open to this public and is free for anyone to join. http://steamcommunit...metokillservers . Optionally, you can identify TimetoKill as your primary steam group by: Open the Steam application on your computerClick CommunityClick Edit my profileClick the groups tabChoose TimetoKill.net as your primary group from the drop down While in CS:GO: Click HELP & OPTIONSClick GAME SETTINGSFind TEAM TAG(FROM STEAM GROUP)Use the right and left arrows to find TtK.netClick BACK and your settings will be savedWhile in CS:S: Click OPTIONSGo to the Multiplayer tabClick the Advanced... buttonChoose TtK.net from the Clan tag drop down
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