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Found 6 results

  1. I find a lot of people don't know how to tinker with their crosshair in CS:GO. Someone made this handy website to allow you to customize your crosshair - http://krisskarbo.com/csgocrosshair If you're using the TimetoKill CS:GO Configuration autoexec you can edit the section below //crosshair. I find the section that says "Copy/paste variables to config or config to textfield" doesn't work too well because what ever you're copying and pasting is too large so all the commands don't get executed.
  2. On 8/14 CS:GO released an update that rebound the F key to look at your weapon and removed the previous bind for flashlight. You can rebind your F key to do both by entering the following into console or your .cfg file: bind "f" "impulse 100;+lookatweapon"Remember the server has to have flashlights enabled for this to work.
  3. all you have to do is to press alt + tab when the round starts and come back in the game... you have to do it every round you want it to work so unless you're high on acid i doubt it's worth the effort.
  4. Go to your developer console by pushing ~ on your keyboard. (You may need to enable developer console)Copy and paste the line below for your appropriate game and hit ENTER:Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - For optimal game play, you should at least be getting 128 FPS rate 128000;cl_cmdrate 128;cl_updaterate 128 Counter-Strike: Source - For optimal game play, you should at least be getting 100 FPS rate 100000;cl_cmdrate 100;cl_updaterate 100 To read more on how Source Multiplayer Networking works, see: https://developer.va...ayer_Networking (keep in mind this is written for Source 2009 games and values for CS:GO are different)
  5. While in CS:GO Click HELP & OPTIONSClick GAME SETTINGSFind Enable Developer Console (~)Use the right and left arrows to select YesWhile in CS:S Click OPTIONSGo to the Keyboard tabClick the Advanced... buttonCheck the box for Enable Developer Console (~)Click OK You can now use the ~ key on your keyboard to open the developer console to type commands. You can enter multiple commands in one line by separating commands with a semicolon ;
  6. Anyone can add the TimetoKill.net tag to their name in-game. Prerequisite: You must be a part of the TimetoKill.net steam group. This group is a open to this public and is free for anyone to join. http://steamcommunit...metokillservers . Optionally, you can identify TimetoKill as your primary steam group by: Open the Steam application on your computerClick CommunityClick Edit my profileClick the groups tabChoose TimetoKill.net as your primary group from the drop down While in CS:GO: Click HELP & OPTIONSClick GAME SETTINGSFind TEAM TAG(FROM STEAM GROUP)Use the right and left arrows to find TtK.netClick BACK and your settings will be savedWhile in CS:S: Click OPTIONSGo to the Multiplayer tabClick the Advanced... buttonChoose TtK.net from the Clan tag drop down
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