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Just servers. No drama. Plenty of llamas.

TtK is a community driven group of gamers and servers. We are not a clan; just gamers looking to have fun and bring others together.

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Everything posted by Fahrenheit

  1. I'll play, but honestly we should just play custom games with our people anyway. The ZF guys did it a while ago, and it looked like great fun. And why Duos? Why not do a few tournaments and do solo and duos. Just thinking.
  2. At 28 seconds! http://youtu.be/cQLQcvPQ3_s
  3. He posted it on the first page, second post. But because I feel like being nice, here's the bracket! http://timetokill-net.challonge.com/ttk2v2tourny7
  4. HEY! First, why are the times posted for Eastern, Central, and Pacific, and no Mountain? Huh, jealous of our mountains? (I had to look at what time, because I forgot and was planning on watching.) Secondly, Tournament Signup Deadline: Friday, July 18th 2014 @ 11PM CST, you late son!
  5. I thought that too maybe. Every once in a while, I would have my headphones on when leaving work at the hospital in the morning, it's just a great song for leaving anywhere now.
  6. Pulp Fiction, man. Do like 0:14 on....
  7. HAHA, i was just thinking i should have put that here too!
  8. Off track, as per usual. However, I will come hang out, my CSGO is running better thanks to Crazy.
  9. I'll be back in the US for New Years, so I'll probably be depressed that I'm not in Chile, so I'll probably be online as well...
  10. I'll go farther Ninx, in Patton's newest, he has like 10 of the jock-rock things. http://youtu.be/MlSK6PJSy5U?t=10m56s
  11. There are SO many good ones! "DOOR STUCK" or "PLEASE....I BEG YOU" or "I BEG YOU....we're dead" or "You're a genuine dick-sucker" http://youtu.be/VqB1uoDTdKM
  12. Nah man, if you're gonna do that song have the part where he says "Shoot one, see my gun will evaporate da boy. let go that, see how it sound quaaaaaaaang. level that, down to the ground, paaaaaaaaaaaaaang"
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