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Just servers. No drama. Plenty of llamas.

TtK is a community driven group of gamers and servers. We are not a clan; just gamers looking to have fun and bring others together.

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  1. That was fantastic fun! Thanks to all the people who attended, and to all the people who donated prizes to giveaway!
  2. Drink & Win Hello everyone. Tomorrow Saturday 21st Berserk and 1337$auce will be hosting a drinking event on the 24/7 Assault server. It’s simple all you have to do is show up with some brew and enjoy playing Assault with us. The event will also include a prize giveaway for a few lucky players. A $20.00 Steam Cash Card and a random assortment of keys, cases and sticker capsules. The $20.00 Steam Cash Card will be given out by Berserk and the rest by 1337$auce. Rules • Must be legal drinking age! (tough to enforce, buttfuckit) • If your team wins the round: You drink once • If your team loses the round: You drink twice • You must be present in the Assault server to be eligible in the prize give away. • The prizes will be given out at 1AM Eastern time. • And last but not least have a good time and get wasted. Disclaimer The prizes will be given away at random. Meaning who ever wins…..wins no discrimination. No crying to mommy and daddy if you lost. We paid for these prizes with our own money. And just want to bring some fun and excitement into the community as well as the Assault server. note: You have to let us know you are drinking so we can add you to our random.org list for the prize giveaway! edit: WISP MUST POST TO PARTICIPATE
  3. Sounds good, I will be sure to let the non forum users know
  4. Berserk messaged me this morning to inform me he might not be able to make it, and to allow The Russianeer his spot. Here is a screencap of the chat log. http://gyazo.com/4a8dc9eb31face47b3f1c91a558bb7d1
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