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Just servers. No drama. Plenty of llamas.

TtK is a community driven group of gamers and servers. We are not a clan; just gamers looking to have fun and bring others together.

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Yuengling last won the day on December 25 2014

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  1. What's on your mind? -- Ganja.

  2. Wow, Terminal hit all of the nails on the head IMO. Vote during warm-up I like the best still.
  3. Time to get haaaaiiiiigh. :D


  5. No. Happy Birthday though!
  6. When life gives you a bag of weed, smoke it.

  7. from the few listed in your starting post, you should add these IMO: AR Deagle, AR Ravenholmsewers, AR MadHouses, de_Watertower From playing in the GG server as well; I've noticed that people tend to get frustrated when the map is huge. This doesn't occur everytime but more so than not. I'll do what I can to search for errors. What specificially might I be trying to look for? Or is it kind of common sense type stuff that if I see it i'll know?
  8. Yuengling


    Haha, sorry for overlooking this post. Add these: Live escape shark attack Bird flight v2 Bullet Bounty Hunter v32 Living Dead TD Running warrior coins v2 Mail truck v2 These were the best I thuoght from the list it generated when I followed that link!
  9. Yuengling

    Server Lag

    Thank you, appreciate it!
  10. Yuengling

    Server Lag

    I've been playing in the server now for about an hour and everyone is experiencing horrendous lag from the moment you join. Potentially need a server restart?
  11. School just started, getting back on the education grind!

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