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Just servers. No drama. Plenty of llamas.

TtK is a community driven group of gamers and servers. We are not a clan; just gamers looking to have fun and bring others together.

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Everything posted by toot

  1. toot

    How to build a computer

  2. toot

    How to build a computer

    All I saw were BOOBIES!!!! LOL ME TOO!
  3. TimetoKill. toOt http://steamcommunity.com/id/qurqlehaze/
  4. toot

    speed.toggle WARNING

    SPEED.TOGGLE :angry:
  5. thanks winnie. looks like a good autoexec.cfg
  6. were did the file go? i cant seem to download.
  7. toot

    <3 GG

    lol i really want bloodgore on this... so fun
  8. reporting for duty! *sign me up* I have a $25 ITUNES CARD, only works in the U.S. I'm willing to donate it. *LOOKING FOR PARTNER* I.E. - how do you bunnyhop? - my STEAM Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/qurqlehaze/
  9. toot

    TimetoKill.net Game Night

    starcraft 2
  10. also what time for tournament will that be for mountian time... im guesing 2pm?