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  1. Get knifed sound suggestions

    :18 seconds knife or taze sound. Do it for the llamas.
  2. End of Round Music Suggestions 8:35-9:05
  3. End of Round Music Suggestions
  4. End of Round Music Suggestions

    Awwww thanks Winnie, except the video isn't starting where I told it to, that may have been my problem in the first place lol. Anyway, start it at 3:51
  5. End of Round Music Suggestions

    the link won't stay unlinked when I try to edit my post, so fuck that shit.
  6. End of Round Music Suggestions
  7. End of Round Music Suggestions
  8. Get knifed sound suggestions

    at :13
  9. Get knifed sound suggestions

    We're not going to get rid of any of those right? Cause I love all three lol. I'm gonna try to think of some other ones......
  10. End of Round Music Suggestions

    Start at 1:23
  11. Populate Server Nightly

    I've been frequenting assault late at night while there's a few people in it. I play in gungame kinda late at night sometimes too. Seems like there's always people in minigames playing some shitty course map, so I never go in there. Pretty much anytime I see anyone in any CS:S server I join. But I'm willing to give some selected days to sit in a specified server for a given amount of time.
  12. End of Round Music Suggestions I'm not sure if it should start at either 2:15 or the really cool part at around 4:15.... so either the fast part or the cool slow part.
  13. Clean sounds and Short TTS

    For IE users (old people), save the zip file in your TeamSpeak Client 3 folder and extract it there and that should make it work.
  14. End of Round Music Suggestions

    This song, it's called Pompeii by a group called E.S. Posthumus. I guess you can use any part after about the first minute of the song lol. Skip ahead to 1:30 and play that when someone wins gun game. MUAHAHAHA. You should replace that shitty Smashmouth song with this one. :) Acceptable Christmas music lol