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  1. I would liek to play but your post needs more run-on sentences and random details k thanks
  2. you suck

    1. Osiris


      I was so happy to see that someone has send me a message on TTK, since i don't get one often.
      Who could it be reaching out for contact i wondered.
      Oh it's Kuj0! Haven't talking to him in a while, let's see what he messaged me!

    2. kuj0
    3. iLegacy


      Kuj0 is a damn dirty hooker

  3. Feel free to post your own videos from our GunGame server
  4. I'm too busy to do this any time soon, but this will happen sooner or later. If you know any others from Rocket League that would like to participate, direct them to our forums so they can vote.
  5. First off, I'm diggin' the new forum skin. Glad we finally voted on a new one. Second, I want to run a Rocket League tournament. I've grown tired of CS:GO and RL seems to be the next big thing. Prizes may include items from the official Psyonix Store, Steam games, or even big, floppy cucumber for the loser.
  6. I should write you and Berserk a tutorial on how to write a tutorial.
  7. Sweetleaf reported to me, on Steam, that the server has been actin' up since the update. "Doing usual things after an update hits". I was playing another game and didn't ask him to elaborate. Just figured I would report it here for those able.
  8. what about the x-axis? I haven't been able to figure this out. Plz help.
  9. Today's giveaway is over. The first 5 prizes have been claimed. We'll finish off the rest of the games at later dates. We're hosting a random TimetoKill.net Steam Game Giveaway on our cs_assault server as soon as the server is full. Server IP: To participate, join the TimetoKill.net Steam group and put the TimetoKill. tag on in-game. As long as you are connected to the server AND wearing the tag, you will be thrown into the pool to win a prize. Winners will be randomly selected via random.org. Prizes Borderlands 2: GOTY ($40) winner; desire Minimum ($10) winner; Kami Valve Complete Pack ($100) winner; Funman Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack ($50) winner; Clarity Left 4 Dead 2 ($20) winner; Spike Borderlands 2: GOTY ($40) Valve Complete Pack ($100) Darksiders Franchise ($60) Eidos Franchise ($200) Bioshock Complete - 1, 2, Infinite ($40) Minimum ($10) Dino D-Day ($10) Dino D-Day ($10) Dino D-Day ($10)
  10. My goodness there are some fucking terrible suggestions in here.
  11. Spamming the friendly fire command - /ff - in our game servers is against the rules and will result in a perma ban. We don't condone ANY spamming, and /ff is just one example. This is considered an attack and exploit against the server as it spams chat and can lag the server. Encouraging others to do it will also result in a ban, as stated in the rules below. If you would like to appeal your ban, please post in Ban Appeals with the correct and respectful format and we will take each ban accordingly. Click here for a list of rules - this is what also shows up in our server MOTD
  12. Congratulations to mezology & keaNe for 1st Place and iLegacy & VEXIN for 2nd Place Special thanks to Hypnotic & Mr. Fahrenheit for gathering up everyone at the start of the tournament during the delayHeadharvest & CrazyPaws for streaming on twitch.tv (twitch.tv/HeadHarvest & twitch.tv/CrazyPaws) Everyone who actually showed up. We really do appreciate it. kuj0 for being lateBanned from next tournament Recap I would like to apologize for the one hour tournament delay. We still had a successful tournament, but that's still no excuse for players and teams not showing up. We had a team request a break during the 2nd half and there was a complaint that we didn't allow it after the match. This is not allowed in most tournaments in ANY sport including our tournaments; that's just how it goes. Thanks to all those who came out and congrats to the winners! I promise next tournament won't be so messy. Until next time, Happy Gaming ^_^ <3 TimetoKill.net
  13. Revised Brackets: http://timetokill-net.challonge.com/ttk2v2tourny7
  14. The time is near. Here are somethings you can do before Saturday to help your tournament day go as smooth as possible in case you did not receive my PM: Allow yourself plenty of time for the tournament and try to show up a little early. Remember, the tournament starts this Sunday, September 28th @ 1pm PST, 2pm MST, 3pm CST, 4pm ESTGet familiar with the TeamSpeak Server. This is required and where the password to join the tournament will be released. You can download TeamSpeak 3 from: http://www.teamspeak...?page=downloads . Feel free to hang out and get to know us too :) The server information is below.Server: voice.timetokill.netPassword: nomnomnomAdd the tournament server IP address. BROWSE COMMUNITY SERVERS --> (Click OK to dismiss the dialogue) --> Favorites tab --> Add a Server. The server is password protected. You are free to organize practice matches in this server but bear in mind we may make changes at any time that could interrupt your gameplay. The passwords will be changed on game day. (If you notice any configuration problems please let us know!)Individual private server IPs will be posted accordingly at the start of each match.Make sure you have the maps. Review the map list (posted in the tournament thread) and ensure you have the correct maps for the tournament before hand. This will help to avoid any map issues on the day of the tournament. If you don't do this, you will still get the maps from the server but it may take a bit longer. Stay hydrated and bring snacks! You want to have no distractions if possible for your best chance at winning. An empty tummy or a thirst that needs to be quench mid-round is never pretty. You can tell these last few are written by the one and only winnie. He's so corny sometimes, hehe. Believe! If you don't believe, you won't succeed. Tell your friends that you're going to be right back, you have a tournament to win. If you tell your friends you're going to win you'll feel compelled to do so and may have better luck doing it! Ask questions. If you have any questions just ask. It will help to be prepared and perhaps help us prepare! Remember: there is no such things as stupid questions! Just stupid people! I keed, I keed. Good luck and see you Sunday :)
  15. Just in case you didn't notice, looks like PotatoFarmers withdrew (it is in the first post after the original posts on page 1). So I suppose my team gets that spot? Wow ok, he edited his posted and didn't even tell me after one of the reasons for having the tournament on that day was for his teammate. You are correct. See ya then! I also changed your name to TacoBurritoAnus so people don't assume TBA actually means "To Be Announced"... Muahahahahaha! Due to the possibility of more teams quitting, we will be re-opening signups so more teams can be placed in Reserves. If you are weary of signing up, be sure to be in TeamSpeak at the time of the tournament, and we will use you if there are open spots! First come first serve, and of course it will go in order of the Reserve list first.
  16. Official tournament brackets: http://timetokill-net.challonge.com/ttk2v2tourny7 See you all on Sunday. Expect a message from me soon to remind you. Feel free to ask any questions.
  17. Yup. Signup deadline is tonight and I will generate the brackets in the morning.
  18. Kebab and Kingmax have been replaced with Hypnotic and Beast. This is why we urge people to signup as reserves and be online at the start of the tournament! Always a possible slot or two open ;)
  19. Due to complaints and my mistake, I have to set Hypnotic and Beast as the first reserve team and Desire and Bullseye get the last slot. They signed up before so it's only fair. Feel free to duke it out if you don't like each other. Every single tournament has had multiple no-shows, so it shouldn't be a problem. As for the team that complained, I would prefer you go through myself or this topic next time. Thanks.
  20. Gotchya, you sneaky son of a... Just another reminder for anybody signing up in the future, you will be placed as a Reserve, meaning you will be in line to replace participants who do not show up to the tournament.
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