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Just servers. No drama. Plenty of llamas.

TtK is a community driven group of gamers and servers. We are not a clan; just gamers looking to have fun and bring others together.

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  1. Yes please. I'm sure we can get some streamers to cover / promote.
  2. Well fuck shit stack. Bitches changed the schedule they posted this morning. I'll have to pull out. I'll still bust on kuj0's face though.
  3. None of you bitches have shit on me. If the tournament doesn't fill up, I'll play.
  4. Official Song List so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX07j9SDFcc
  5. He's not going to participate. I'll be your 'mate though.
  6. If you're going to participate please PM me with a song you want to sing.
  7. Feel free to PM me song requests.
  8. We'll be hosting tryouts September 1, 2012 at 11:00pm EST for the inaugural TimeToKill.net Choir. Be on TeamSpeak or be square. Official song list will be posted at least 72 hours before the event.
  9. I'm here for the tacos.

  10. Nice. Thanks for the tutorial. I had no idea you could even do this.
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