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  1. We're always online late. Let's mix things up and do a breakfast party! This is a good opportunity since many people's schedule have been disrupted out of the ordinary. What: Breakfast, Booze, and Schmooze When: Satuday, April 11th 2020 at 9AM Eastern (8am Central, 6am Pacific) Where: The TeamSpeak server What to bring: - DRANKS (Mimosas, Screwdrivers, Irish Cafecitos, Bloody Marries, etc.) - Breakfast Foods. Enough to share. This is a potluck. (with pictures!) - Good vibes and smiles. No RSVP required. Ask wrangler for more details. Interested in helping? Ask Poison to join the party planning committee.
  2. Berserk, what is the actual name of the damn game? You never actually said...
  3. Cool! Am I the only one that feels stupid for not knowing what game this is?
  4. Don't know what they changed the last few updates but this part seems fixed. The commands are still broken, but at least it's back to functional I guess.
  5. Yup, confirmed they broke the builtin commands to do respawn. MG uses the same stuff for autorespawn, so it's in the same boat. I sent an email on the CSGO mailing list, hopefully someone will do something about it. The plugin we used to do before CSGO built in a better respawn, looks like it has been broken in a different capacity since Septermber: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=103242&page=32
  6. Don't know what it is. Both servers use the CS:GO builtin function to respawn so...
  7. heyman its been a while lets go tip cows again

  8. Thanks for reporting this! That part at the end is a custom plugin. I've fixed it. This was caused by some updates to sourcemod and the gameME. The wins were still be being logged and tracked on the stats system, just not being displayed properly at the end.
  9. Interesting map played counts here. I wrote a plugin to start counting the number of times each map was played in January to hopefully find the least played maps for removal. It turns out the maps get played pretty evenly... The first map doesn't count since it's the starting map. mapname countar_shoots 1119gg_wolfenstein_3d 194gg_simpsons_street 186gg_ar_mario 182gg_sex_fix 181ar_deagle8k_go 174ar_Lego_World_Extended 173fy_winter 172ar_lego_times 170ar_simpsons_bridge 170gg_festspeedball 169ar_lego_arena_v2 169ar_simpsons_h 168gg_simpsons_glock_tok 166Deagle_Force 166ar_iceworld_arena_go 165ar_halo 164gg_funfest_csgo 163ar_deagle 162gg_speedball_go 160gg_blender_csgo 160ar_lego_arena 159gg_lego2011_csgo_v2 157gg_dehydrated 156gg_lego_spacetower2 155ar_poolstay 154aim_deagle7k 153fy_pool_day_beta2 152ar_blue_arena 152ar_monastery 152gg_blue_cake 151fy_infinity 151ar_dusty_shelter 151fy_legofire_v1 150gg_ar_metal_cirular 150ar_aim_shotty 150gg_cf2_pink_panther 150gg_ar_mini_house 148gg_yellow_arena_1 148ar_churches 147gg_ar_artificial_reality 147ar_gunout 147ar_halo_gold 144aim_pistol 144aim_ag_texture_city 143ar_library_v2 142aim_ag_texture_jungle 142gg_ar_panther 141gg_ar_blood_shot 141ar_apartments 140csgo_ak-colt_orbital 140gg_neonlight 140ar_aztec_shotty 139fy_blockfort_v2 139gg_ar_bullets 138gg_ar_bad_day 138ar_fy_funtimes 138ar_baggage 138gg_ar_aztec_shot 137ar_met_avengers 137ar_lostruins 136gg_ar_italy_villa 135ar_freeze_csgo 135ar_double_shotty_s 135ar_industry 134gg_aztec 134gg_ar_jungle 133dm_cult_v1 133ar_ds_cornered 132ar_hatearena 132gg_ar_frivolous 132fy_friction 131ar_White_v2 131ar_qdm6 130ar_warehouse 130fy_4houses 128gg_ar_battle_arena 128ar_concrete 127ar_frostfire 127gg_ar_attack 126aim_ag_texture_city_final_csgo 126fy_arenaeight 125gg_townsquare 123gg_ar_area51_fifty 123aim_ag_texture2 119ar_dev_base 119ar_vort3x 118ar_shoreline 110csgo_gg_happy_frags_v1 106
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